June 16th
The Honeymoon Tour: Barcelona, Spain
June 28th
The Honeymoon Tour: New York, NY
Yours Truly Holiday Party In Chicago

Yesterday the Yours Truly Holiday Party took place in Chicago ! Ariana looked amazing in her dress ! At the party Ariana did a Q&A, performed “Tattooed Heart”, “Put Your Hearts Up” and “Pink Champagne” ! She also talks about bullying. Watch the party above !

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Yours Truly Holiday Party In Minneapolis

Ariana took her Yours Truly Holiday Party to Minneapolis today ! She looked amazing ! Watch above a video from the party !

Check back later for photos !

Yours Truly Holiday Party In Los Angeles


Yesterday afternoon Ariana’s Yours Truly Holiday Party was at Supperclub in Los Angeles ! Ariana looked truly amazing ! She performed, talked about Isaac Boots photobomed limited edition Louis Vuitton bag which only he and Madonna has, talked about Voodoo Love and Boyfriend Material not being on her album, changing her hair for 102.7 KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball which was on Friday, Selena diss and she also spoke in Spanish and answered some questions from fans ! Watch her holiday party in LA below :

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Ariana Grande’s “Yours Truly” Holiday Party Dates


Ariana Grande is going to celebrate with you this festive season ! The “Yours Truly” Holiday Party invitations have been started to enrol out from Friday November 2nd and the dates of the Holiday Party in your state have been announced ! There’s not too long now for the party. These are the following dates of the holiday parties :

  • November 26 – New York City, NY
  • December 2 – Dallas, TX
  • December 7 – Los Angeles, CA
  • December 10 – Minneapolis, MN
  • December 14 – Chicago, IL
  • December 15 – San Francisco, CA
  • December 21 – Miami, FL

Some people have not received their invitation yet but please stay patient and wait a few more days for it to come. Also more information about the time and venue will be announced before November 18th.

Also in other news, you may know Ariana is visiting Europe next week but she is also doing a secret concert in London on Thursday November 7th ! For your chance to win tickets and how to enter please click here.